Friday, May 11, 2012

Seaside ♥

Goodmorning (: Finally Friday!! How you're gonna spend it?!?! I have one lesson for today and then i'm going to Agathi's house to fix her new blog!! We have some troubles with some gagdets, they don't seem to appear on the blog!! Hope i'll fix it today and other bloggers start following her. I promise you, she has a great style!! Fortunately, now i have my own photographer and i can update my blog with better pictures!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday!! A refreshing walk by the seaside!! It was a little windy yesterday and it wasn't a great idea to go for swim!! Unfortunately, the weather man said that this weekend it's gonna get worse with showers and thunderstorms!! Anyway..I'll enjoy my day as much as i can and you should too!! Hope you like!! Happy Friday darlings!! Lots of kisses!! 

♥ Love, kate! (:

Check out her blog and her first post!! If you have any ideas of what might going on with it..Let me know!! It would help me a lot to figure out what it's wrong!!