Thursday, October 11, 2012



Red is always right for fall but the most captivating looks featured a deep mulled-wine stain with rich chocolate undertones. Finishes ranged from creamy matte to high patent-leather gloss, all offset by perfect skin for contrast. The beauty is in the prep work: buff away any flakes with an exfoliating lip treatment before layering clear balm underneath your red to adjust the intensity to your liking.


Makeup artists went Mad Max backstage applying sci-fi grease paint around the eyes at Prada and smudging away with black kohl at Marc Jacobs. While you might not choose to go to such extremes, you can push the edge a little more than usual with dramatically dark carbon black liners applied in thick strokes and saturated eye shadows swooped beyond the outer corners to accentuate your gaze.


With all the backward glances made to retro elegance this season, it’s no wonder that beautifully strong brows continued to draw attention. Play up your shape by feathering on pencils and shadows to accentuate the arch — and just for fun, maybe even add a few sparkles.


Statement-making eyes were the talk of the fall shows, especially the kind that imitated the brilliant blue-brown plumes of peacocks at Prabal Gurung, the cool painterly greens of landscapes at Jason Wu, and the cobalt sea at Anna Sui. For a chic and wearable version, look for shadows with hints of silver or gold mixed into the color to soften the effect and complement your skin tone.


Undone skin is usually reserved for spring, but it also made a surprise appearance on the fall runways. Makeup artists experimented with monochromatic contouring with nude tones at Valentino, fresh and inventive pops of lipstick on the cheeks at Michael Kors, and dewy complexions aplenty at Vera Wang.


Fashion loves to reinvent black, and judging by the array of browns used backstage, it’s the new, well you know. The beauty of this smoldering shade is its versatility — it can be layered on for more or less intensity and suits all complexions. Try rimming your eyes with anything from khaki to mocha, then blurring it out for a rich look.

Lots Of Love, Kate! (:

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