Sunday, December 2, 2012

Instagram Lately.

first day back together 19.11.2012
not coffee fan, but a cappuccino its great for cold days (:

our view Agios Titos Church (:
our first night out at the cinema (:
bought tickets for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 wiii (:
a big bag full of sweets xoxo ^_^
almost a year together (:
our 2d night out with friends (: at a pub here in Heraklion! 20.11.2012
coffee time at Starbucks.. i've missed them! a mocha praline 21.11.2012
moustache (:
favorite nail polish for fall - burgundy (:
last night together :( at a latin party 21.11.2012
my friend agathi and me dancing bachata <3

Instagram: @katesalou

With love, Kate! (:

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