Saturday, January 26, 2013

New purchases/Haul Video.

Hey guys,
 Welcome back to Kate's Blog!

Obviously, as you can see from the title, it's a new post about some stuff that i got from last month until now! Enjoy!

 ps. In the end of this blog i have sneak peek photos from the video (in greek) that i'll upload on my youtube channel tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!!! (:

First of all, i'll start with my skin care products. In the picture, you can see my Garnier Essentials Moisturizing Day Cream & Dove talco 48h, 0% alcool, Roll-on Deodorante. It's the first time that i'm trying this kind of cream. It's for Mixed Skins and i bought this one because some areas of my face are oily and some very dry, especially now in the winter! The past few years i've learned that it's really important to moisturize your skin and take care of it when you put make up in daily routine. Now, the Dove deodorante it's the second time that i buy it because it smells great and lasts long! I don't sweat easily but when i do it really keeps me fresh and not smelly! :P

Two weeks ago i received my ebay order! A cute heart ring and two pairs of silver small rings! If you want to buy them too and have a credit card and a pay pal account go to the link here & here!!! and you will find them (;

This week i spend some money on nail care products. As you can see from the picture, the first thing i  was really in need to buy was a protection bace/nail strengthener from Deborah, because i paint them aaall the time and i need to keep them strong! Next a new Essence nail polish in nude colour & dry drops also from Essence.

Everyone is talking about this, it's the BB cream Garnier for matte result in colour light! If you have it you know it has strong odol of alcoholic! It really helps your akne but it has average coverage! You can mix it with another favorite foundation of yours for a better result! (:

It's the first time that i'm trying this and i'm not very pleased, but it only costs 3,50euro! Yesterday i made an order from ebay a Professional 15 Concealer Camouflage Makeup Palette. I can't wait to show you on my next post!!!! Stay tuned!!! (:

And last but not least, my new foundation brushes: the first i use it for local areas on my face, maybe for my concealer and the second Journha stipple brush ordered also from ebay (: and im very pleased with it for my full foundation coverage!

Here some sneak peeks from my video:
(click here! NOW!)

Thanks guys!!! Until next time take care!!! Byeeee (:

With love, Kate! (:

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