Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New in: a gift from santa ♥

Hey everyone,

 it's been a while to post, but this time it's something that i reaaally want to share with...
u know everyone that with christmas we all go for shopping, buy gifts etc..
i wanted for a looong time to get a specifique pair of shoes..
"santa" brought a best gift i could have this time of my life..a pair of booties from fullah sugah!!!
here's a picture...

i'm going to wear them aaall the time! they stuck with me now...xoxoxo!

here's also a picture of me with red lipstick.. now that's christmas i think it's the best make up to wear! hope u like it ♥ xoxoxo love, kate!!!

ooo here's a picture at the park!

thanks for watching (: