Saturday, December 10, 2011

week actions ♥

on monday i wanted to draw something for fun and i made this ~ everything that i do, i look at them from pictures and i draw them..i don't study painting, so it's hard for me to do something on my own, but hopefully someday i reach the skills to draw a sketch by myself ~ i like drawing figures!

here's a picture of me on tuesday at 8.30 am. at my university..i love this view!

on wednesday we went on talos plaza, they were gonna light up the christmas tree and was performing a greek band called as "Otherview". We had blust!! Here's a picture of me, a christmas sweet creation and a autograph from the otherview (:

thursday and friday i was working on the hospital and i was very busy, so the only picture i took was yesterday afternoon when i finished my nails..i tried to do french nails on my i bought this ring on wednesday when i was on talos plaza from a store who sells beads and stuff, so you can make your own accessories!

here's also a link from a song of the "Otherview" band, i love this song

♥ hope u like it!!! thanks for watching (: have a nice weekend..