Sunday, September 23, 2012

23092012 / INSPO DAY about fashion.

Happy Sunday to everyone! (: Day of relaxation, right? Hope you're planning  great things to do or not it's ok! don't worry, they'll come greatest days in the future! As for me, yesterday i spend my saturday night home with my girl Agathi, because we're preparing ourselves for today! We're gonna take the bus for Rethymno! It's the first time that im going and im really excited!! It is a great chance to visit Rethymno now, because it's gonna be the 1o Latin Festival there and i must say i love to dance salsa and i couldn't miss an event like that! I'll let to know my experience there on my next post on tuesday..

< Oh, i must inform you that i decided (except my random posts about me or anything else) to have two days TUESDAY & SUNDAY as my inspiration days, INSPO DAYS about fashion as i called them! >

The pictures that i pick, they're from another blogs that i follow and i find them inspiring..I collect my favorites together and i make awesome collazs..It's something that it's been my new hobby the last months and i really enjoying doing it! Hope you like my work! Have a great day! Lots of kisses..

Love, Kate! (: