Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rethymno Experience.

New week already started! Hope you had a great weekend as i did! As i told you on my previous post i spend my sunday to Rethymno with my girl Agathi.. took the bus and in an hour we were there.. we took a small stroll to old city and then we found the square where the 1o latin festival was taking place at Square Mikrasiaton.. at the beginning there were the "lessons", dance teachers were showing the basic steps and then a band started performing they're songs and other in latin rhythms..it was something like a big party! After that, my friends and i went to a latin bar at " Casa Del Loco" and we continued our party by dancing our ass off.. My friend Agathi and i continued out night till morning at a club called " Apple Bar" and we had awesome time! In the morning we took the first bus on our way back home.. we were insomni so we went straight ahead to our bed and took a looong nap! Here some photos we took and a video to get an idea..
Thanks for watching! Enjoy!

Love, Kate! (:

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