Wednesday, February 27, 2013

*50 random facts about me* | YouTube.

Hello everyone.

I'm back with a "NEW VIDEO"! Because it's in greek! I write down the 50 random facts about me down below! Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you find any commons with me!!! (: I'd be glad to hear your thoughs!!! BYEEE (:

50 random facts about me:

1. I'm a very messy person.
2. Also lazy most of the time.
3. I have awful handwriting.
4. I don't feel comfortable wearing sporty shoes. I don't really like them.
5. I'm the 3d and last sister in my family. I have two older sisters.
6. I love dance, especially latidance (salsa+bachata)
7. My name is Katerina Saloustrou, but everyone knows me like Kate Salou, as a nickname.
8. I had a horrible experience once with a hairdresser and since then i avoid cutting my hair in short.
9. I've started putting makeup in my 13-14 years.
10. I love playing "Criminal Case" in facebook.
11. I drink my coffee light with lots of sugar + milk.
12. When i was younger i was obsessed playing Sims.
13. I also love singing + karaoke nights.
14. I believe in a previous life, i could be a woman worrior, something with guns or archery.
15. I'm very moody person.
16. I love cats, but i'm allergic to them. :(
17. I fix my nails all the time.
18. As a child i was very shy and quite.
19. I did swimming, but i quit. I love more the food. :P
20. I've earned 3 bronze medals once.
21. I'm not used wearing lipsticks, but i've recently started appreciate them more. ;)
22. I'm really addicted to chocolate.
23. Me and my friends play tichu all the time.
24. I love "Dean Winchester" from Tv serie "Supernatural".
25. I also love my boyfriend. I'm in a serious relationship and feel in love and happy for the first time.
26. I find it difficult to communicate by a telephone. Ι prefer direct contact.
27. When i was born, i had a little surgery on my one eye. Nothing serious.
28. I'm  Cancer in zodiac.
29. I love driving.
30. I love summer + sea.
31. When i discover a new song, i put it in replay until i've got enough of it.
32. I was a lazy student.
33. When i was younger, i pretend to be a choreographer.
34. Many people think at first that i'm a little bit snob.
35. Me and adjustment/organization not doing well.
36. I bad with money.
37. I love shopping, but not for long hours walking around in the streets.
38. I don't like pasta.
39. Also coca cola
40. If i could change something on me, it would be my teeths. :P
41. I'm trying to fix my unsociability.
42. I'm a fan staying at home. My laptop and me in my bed all the time.
43. I keep diary till now.
44. I love music.
45. Someday i wish i could stay abroad (NYC, London etc.).
46. I've travelled once in Spain (Madrid) + England (Manchester).
47. I easily misunderstood people.
48. I'm also gullible.
49. I've never make the decision to read a book.
50. I'm the only one in my friends area with strange hobbies.

With love, Kate! (: