Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Favorite: Waiting for forever ♥


Emma (Rachel Bilson) and Will (Tom Sturridge) are best friends since childhood they lost touch a long time ago—as far as she knows. She is back in their hometown, because her father is sick and dying. Emma hasn't just come home to be with her father, but she is also trying to leave behind her complicated love life and career as a TV actress. She has a strained relationship with her mother. A couple gives Will a ride back home, Will tells them the story of how he fell in love with Emma and how she was with him when his parents died. Upon arrival he visits his brother Jim, a banker, who believes Will has mental problems because the death of their parents that took place long time ago when he was very young he refuses that will stays with them.
Will stays with his childhood friend Joe. While Will was practicing how is he going to tell Emma how he feel about her, Emma's boyfriend follows her home as he wants to reconcile, staying at a local hotel.
Will and Emma spend the day together, reminiscing on times passed. She discovers Will has been following her everywhere and asks him to promise that he will stop following her. Will agrees and leaves town.
It is revealed that Emma's boyfriend has murdered the man with whom Emma was having an affair. He calls the police station and claims it was Will who committed the murder.
Will decides to hitchhike away from his hometown, but he is arrested by the highway patrol and taken to jail. Jim bails him and takes him to the airport.
Emma gets a letter from Will proving that he wasn't in LA when the murder was committed. She gets her boyfriend arrested.
Emma's father dies. After Emma's father's funeral she receives a love letter from Will. She leaves for San Francisco to look for him, finding him performing on Fisherman's Wharf......

What a moving movie! I recommend it to you! If you love the romance, you should definitely see this movie!
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